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From Boulder to Naples: How Audrey Jane's Pizza Conquered Italy and Food Network Fame

Boulder County's culinary scene has once again proven its world-class status, as Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage, a beloved local pizzeria, recently clinched first place in the prestigious "Pizza in Teglia" competition held in Naples, Italy. This remarkable achievement not only brings international recognition to Boulder's thriving food culture but also sets the stage for the pizzeria's upcoming third appearance on the Food Network.

A Slice of Victory in Pizza's Birthplace

Audrey Kelly, co-owner and culinary mastermind behind Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage, showcased her exceptional skills in Naples, the very birthplace of pizza. Her innovative sesame crust pizza, inspired by a family recipe, impressed the judges and secured the top spot in the competition. This win is a testament to the quality, creativity, and authenticity that Boulder's pizza scene offers.

From Boulder to Food Network Fame

The accolades don't stop at international competitions. Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage is set to make its third appearance on the Food Network, further cementing its status as a must-visit culinary destination. The pizzeria will be featured on the upcoming season of "Triple D Nation," a spin-off of the popular "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" hosted by Guy Fieri.

What Sets Audrey Jane's Apart

  • Family-owned business with a focus on quality and innovation

  • Use of organic greens, vegetables, and house-made recipes

  • A menu featuring spicy artisanal pies and a Rocky Mountain twist on classic Italian subs

  • Previously impressed Guy Fieri with unique creations, including a dish featuring pig lips

A Balance of Tradition and Innovation

While pushing the boundaries of pizza-making, Audrey Jane's maintains a strong connection to its roots. The award-winning sesame crust pizza is based on Kelly's mother's famous recipe, showcasing how family traditions can evolve into world-class creations.

Experience the Award-Winning Pizza

If you're eager to taste the pizza that conquered Naples, visit Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage:

  • Address: 2675 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80304

  • Phone: (303) 442-2032

  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m.–8 p.m.; Sunday, 12 p.m.–8 p.m.; Closed on Mondays

Mark your calendars for Friday, July 5, when you can watch Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage on the Food Network's "Triple D Nation: Food Fired Up" episode.

Boulder County: A Culinary Destination

This international recognition further solidifies Boulder County's reputation as a hub for exceptional cuisine. From award-winning pizzerias to acclaimed restaurants like Pasta Jay's on Pearl Street Mall, our area continues to attract food enthusiasts from around the world.

As your local real estate expert, I'm thrilled to share news that highlights the vibrant community and excellent quality of life Boulder County offers. Whether you're a longtime resident or considering making Boulder your home, our world-class culinary offerings are just one of the many reasons to love living here. The thriving food scene not only enhances our daily lives but also contributes to the area's appeal, potentially boosting property values and making Boulder an even more desirable place to call home.

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