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I'm Not Your Ordinary Realtor

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Realtor services from A-Z


Are you ready to Buy?

We will go through some important questions to guide your decision whether you have factored in everything before making a purchase. 


Making a winning offer

With access to curated, neighborhood-specific data, I'll have a clear understanding of the market and be able to provide you a smart offer strategy and achieve your hime-buying goals. 


Home inspection

Before you sing on the dotted line, an inspection typically takes place. As your agent, I will act as you advocate and guide you through the process, even renegotiate if any significant issues are found. 


Market Education Day

I'll take you out, teach you about neighborhoods, houses and all the elements of a smart investmenr based on what you've shared with me about the type of place you were looking for. 


Contract negotiations

As a PorchLight agent, I am a trained negotiator. And I am backed by a team to manage all the details and paperworks. 


Home Appraisal 

Lenders require a professional to gauge the true value of a home. In the event that the appraisal comes in below your offer, I will explore every available option to keep the deal moving forward. 

Eli is an amazing agent, really goes the extra mile to make a deal successful. He was thourough, had great advice, and knows all the right people. Thanks Eli!

Alex Mulvaney

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